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Reiki will change your life.

Reiki refers to both the energy itself and the Japanese modality that teaches us to master it. The word Reiki means "Universal Life Force Energy." Life Force flows through any and everything. When its flow is disrupted or imbalanced, illness and disorder arise. Divinely guided energy can restore flow; it just needs to be called in. To study Reiki is to learn how to channel the healing energy available to all of us, always. 

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  • better understand yourself and those around you

  • help raise the vibration of the planet

  • add another tool to your self-care box

  • start or grow your business

  • explore the unseen and strengthen your connection to it

  • support your friends and family

  • expand your consciousness

  • try a different way

Plus, I'm the coolest teacher you'll ever have.

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What is "attunement"?

Attunement is an initiation ritual. by attuning somebody to Reiki, the Teacher is welcoming them to the Reiki family. Attunement adjusts the energy of the individual being attuned so that Reiki can flow through them and be sent to a recipient via intention. This is the process that officially makes you a channel.

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