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Reasons I Journal

(and why you should too)

✨HEALING — Every therapist and light worker I’ve ever met with has emphasized the therapeutic benefits of journaling. I’ve experienced these benefits myself and can confidently tell you it will change your life. Translating what’s inside to paper is an excellent way to work through your thoughts and emotions in a self-directed manner. You can stop and start whenever you like and there’s absolutely no pressure to find the right words. Journaling is not a replacement for therapy but it’s another tool for you to utilize in your healing.

🎨 CREATIVE FLOW — Journaling is a way to track your best ideas and build on them. There’s a lot to discover when you sit quietly and tap in to your subconscious. Your journal can be like an extension of your art work; you can decorate it or make it like a quasi scrapbook if you’d like.

💫 BOUNDARIES — I use my journal to figure out what’s mine and what’s yours. Writing in a journal can help you unpack what you’ve been carrying and allow you to identify whose feelings you may be claiming as your own. Journaling is also a safe way to unload without inappropriately doing so on somebody else.

🦋MANIFESTATION — We have the power to create our own reality and journaling is a helpful tool for this process. Not only can you write your destiny into existence but you can uncover how you truly wish to see it all unfold. Self-discovery is key to knowing your purpose and path.

🧹ORGANIZATION — Writing lists, planning, tracking, brainstorming. These are all the ways that I keep myself focussed. Journaling is like tidying your mental house and writing helps commit things to memory.

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