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My Personal Experience With Reiki

When I first sought out Reiki, I was in a place of desperation. My depression was high and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. Traditional medicine and therapy didn’t seem to be cutting it and I wasn’t sure where else to turn. I felt stuck, confused and hopeless.

Google said, "try Reiki" and I jumped at the opportunity for potential solace.

What I remember most from the very beginning is that I relished the quiet nature of these sessions. I enjoyed lying there in a meditative state and not having to try to explain to the practitioner what was "wrong." At that point, words felt hard and so not needing to guide the session, being allowed to be passive, was a relief to my system. It was the most relaxed I had been in what felt like years. My soul felt featherweight.

I immediately sensed something shift. I was certainly not healed overnight but something was triggered within me. A change in the way I saw the world was beginning. I started to associate the state of my physical body with what was happening in my energetic body and to recognize how my emotions played into this equation. I began to see the connection between all parts of me and realized fully how complex we human beings are. Not only was my curiosity peaked, but I felt safer with this knowledge.

It was helping.

I maintained weekly appointments for somewhere around a year until the chaos that was my life won. When external chaos takes over and we're without proper boundaries, we tend to throw self-care out the window. I was receiving Reiki but still putting myself in harm’s way. Soon it just got pushed to the side. It wasn’t Reiki’s fault I stopped going; I had just given up on myself altogether.


My life today is very different from what it was then. I am 3 years sober and actively enforcing the boundaries that I never knew I needed. Once again, Reiki is a part of my routine and it fits my recovery like a glove. It is a way for me to self-regulate and tune into myself, where my drug and alcohol use were avenues for escape.

The principles of Reiki begin with the words “just for today.” A similar adage is often associated with recovery from substance use. It’s an idea I’ve clung to for 3 years and for good reason. When we think in terms of today and today only, we remain present, we avoid being overwhelmed. Reiki helps me to stay within the now.

Reiki also promotes balance and self-healing. These are two themes I’ve pursued since the day I got sober. I craved an exit from the extreme highs and lows I’d been riding for years. I knew then that only I could produce the answers and I continue to believe that I have everything it takes to thrive already deep within me. You do too.

Reiki has changed my life and I am blessed to be able to also practise this healing technique today. If you are interested in receiving Reiki or have questions, please do reach out.

All my love.

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