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Is your job disrupting your Root Chakra?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

First things first - I want to sincerely express my understanding that most of us have to work and many of us are not working in our dream jobs for one reason or another. I’m right there with you; I sympathize with this. The following is solely for your consideration; it is in no way a “quit your job” pitch. It might help clarify some of the things you’re feeling or experiencing. It might inspire you to seek out other work or advocate for yourself to your current employer. It might just be food for thought.

We spend a lot of our time at a job. If we work full-time, that’s roughly 2000 of the 8760 hours in a year. It’s no surprise that the environments we work in can have a tremendous impact on our well-being. I’d like to take this opportunity to specifically explore how a job might affect one’s Root Chakra.

Quickly - what is the Root Chakra?

This is an important contextual piece of the puzzle. For a great overview of what the chakras are, click here. The Root Chakra is the first chakra in the main chakra system. This energetic centre is located at the base of the spine and extends down the legs into our feet. It is through this chakra that we become grounded. The Root Chakra is represented by the colour red and associated with the element Earth. Physical, mental and emotional safety all affect the Root and when it is in balance, it provides a secure foundation for us to build off of. Without balance and flow in our Root, our other chakras will ultimately be knocked out of alignment.

When the Root Chakra is imbalanced, particularly underactive, we may feel anxiety, restlessness, self-doubt or fear of rejection. Trust is hugely associated with this chakra, as are healthy boundaries. Symptoms related to the bladder, bowls, kidneys, lower back and legs may be a result of a blockage in the Root. Tools or approaches for healing our Root Chakra include grounding exercises, being in nature, certain yoga poses, burning earthy essential oils, the use of safety affirmations, as well as healing wounds associated with the past, including past lives. We might also look to our daily routines to determine what might be causing a disruption in this area. Some of the ways that work, in particular, could block the Root might seem too obviously problematic to even be worth mentioning. However, I think it’s very easy to get so caught up in our overloaded schedules that we forget to reflect on the reality of our situation. The best way I know how to reflect is to question.

So, is your job disrupting your Root Chakra?

Consider the following questions and see what they might bring up:

  • Foundational beliefs live in our Root Chakra. What beliefs are being projected onto you by your workplace? Hustle culture? Keeping quiet in the face of injustice?

  • Do you constantly fear being reprimanded or fired?

  • Can you take breaks? If so, what do you do on these breaks?

  • Do you feel like your entire identity is tied to your job?

  • Are you paid a fair wage? Are you expected to work more hours than you’re paid for?

  • Is this job meeting any of your needs outside of financial stability?

  • Do you feel supported and resourced at work?

  • Are you able to maintain healthy boundaries in your workplace?

  • Are the conditions you work in unnecessarily dangerous?

  • Do you feel like you’re constantly being compared to your coworkers?

  • Do you often find yourself experiencing the “Sunday Scaries” or other targeted anxiety around going to work every day?

  • What parts of your workday do you enjoy most?

  • Do you feel connected to the work you are doing? If not, do you wish to feel more connected to it?

  • Are you getting adequate rest outside of working hours or are you being kept up with thoughts of work?

  • How do you cope with a busy workday? Have you ever dissociated at work?

  • What might need to change about your job to make it more aligned with a balanced Root Chakra?

  • Do you feel a sense of belonging in your current workplace?

  • Can you identify any physical symptoms you commonly experience only at work or approaching work hours?

  • Do you feel like you must betray your Authentic Self in your workplace?

Depending on what you discover during your reflection, you may conclude that your Root Chakra could use some healing. There is plenty of material online to read over and integrate into your own life. For example, YouTube hosts loads of guided Root Chakra healing meditations. There are also many blogs like my own that provide practical advice and manageable solutions for balancing the chakras. You might need to re-consider your job or find ways to make it less damaging to your energy. You might even try Reiki. What's most important is that you be willing to go inward, to get honest and to commit to whatever change is necessary and possible for you to work on yourself in this way.

I wish you well on your journey

As always, if you’re interested in speaking more about this topic, feel free to comment or use the contact box at the bottom of my home page.

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