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Are you looping or levelling up?


Do you often find yourself stuck in the same old story?

Feeling bored, or uninspired?


Vibrating on a 'meh' frequency and craving some excitement?

Wishing you could live more FULLY?

Wanting to build connections and ENJOY yourself?

Perhaps you just know it's time for something new and that a change is in order.

It's time to break out
of groundhog day and ELEVATE


I've been exactly all of the above.

I have felt the exhaustion of stagnant energy and the isolation of trying to free myself BY myself.

How did I overcome this and reclaim my zest for life? How did I get from rock bottom to here?

While I can't give away all that juicy info just yet, I can tell you this:

It is EXHILARATING to find people and spaces that inspire you to see life from a fresh perspective and begin again.

This is why I've designed an experience to support you in rebooting your system to welcome in some new ENERGY alongside others doing the exact same thing. 


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We get in together and go


This journey is designed for

  • EMPOWERED transformation done sustainably by focusing on the whole person: mind, body, and spirit

  • EXPLORATION of topics and tools related to energetics, personal evolution and healing

  • MEANING-MAKING: recognizing how what we are exploring shows up in the context of our own lives, as well as the collective human experience 

  • INTEGRATION of our learnings into our daily mental energy (read: mindset reset)

  • COMMUNITY: connecting with other group members, even if that only means being held in the same energy. Your participation level is up to you.

  • PRACTICE: doing the things. Taking action! Progressing towards the vision we hold for ourselves.